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Real estate inspections for the sale of your home

When Selling your home, most buyers will want a well & septic inspection done. In addition, lenders usually require both inspections to approve a loan. Letting our team handle your home inspection will give everyone peace of mind.


Once you decide to schedule your inspection, we start by researching the property you are buying or selling before the physical examination. Next, we explore all permits that have been pulled on the property where the system is located,the type of system you have, & all setback requirements for the county. 

Physical inspection

On the day of your inspection, We will come out and locate your system. We will measure the setbacks of your system to make sure they're compleint.

Then inspect the tank to see the the condition of the tank. We will measure the operating levels of the tank & document any liquid levels present in the cells at the time of the inspection. Additionally, some counties may require a soil boring adjacent to the existing cell area to verify minimum separation requirements to groundwater/mottling as part of the sale.  


After we complete the physical inspection of the system. We will provide you with a detailed report on your system &  if there are any cause for concerns on the functioning of the system. If we do have concerns we will work together to address and fix any concerns with your system to help make the real estate process easier.

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